TE LT – TE Low temperature

Trinidad Epuré Low Temperature (TE LT) is a combination of Trinidad Epuré, crushed to a particle size of 0/8 mm and a wax. To avoid the coagulation of the granules a natural separating agent is added.

Because of the small quantity, the added separating agent can be neglected. The composition of TE LT is therefore:

TE-bitumen i. M. 54,0 Gew.-%
TE-filler i. M. 46,0 Gew.-%

“Trinidad Epuré Low Temperature (TE LT)” – our combined product from Trinidad Natural Asphalt and wax to permit the sustainable reduction of manufacturing- and paving temperatures of asphalt.

Forms of delivery:


  • Plastic bags à 22 kg *
  • Big Bags

* lower sizes can be supplied on request