About us

Since 1888 our company pursues the import, the refining and the distribution of Trinidad Natural Asphalt Products. This natural building material from the island of Trinidad is unique for its unchanging consistency and quality and is used in Germany and the whole continent of Europe as well as in the Near East and in the former Eastern-bloc States.
The Natural Asphalt is imported in hardboard drums under the trade – name “Trinidad Epuré”. For the delivery to the modern asphalt mixing plants Trinidad Natural Asphalt products are produced suitable for application in a company-own production plant, which was founded in 1997. They can be batched easily and quickly. This applies especially to the trading forms TNAC 0/8 and NAF 501.

Trade forms of Trinidad Natural Asphalt:

  • TE Z 0/8
  • NAF 501
  • TLC 50/50
  • TP 50/50
  • TE LT

We offer you:

  • many years’ experience
  • a practiced team of sales engineers
  • world-wide consultation by international distribution agencies
  • optimum assistance to our customers
  • scientific knowledge gained from extensive research projects with well-known testing laboratories
  • objective consultations
  • scheduled delivery of our products

A Quality Management System at the standard of DIN EN ISO 9001, established in 1999, proves the constant quality of our trading forms and our business activities.