For Gussasphalt a good workability regarding evenness and optimum seam and joint connections is a matter of great significance.
For rolled asphalts it is equivalent to the compactability
A sufficiently compacted asphalt results in an optimum stability, as a postcompaction under traffic is not possible any longer.

Improving the workability of Gussasphalt modified with Trinidad Epuré

The Report No. 16051264 by the Berliner Institut für Baustoffprüfungen describes on page 4 the comparative workability of Gussasphalt 0 / 8 S with and without Trinidad Epuré.

The study No 8221GAVT/07 from the asphalt-labor Hinrichsen shows the reduced stirring resistance by the addition of Trinidad Epuré depending on the temperature.

Examination of the workability of Gussasphalt

Using the stretching test optimal processing temperatures for Gussasphalt can be determined already in a laboratory.